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About Us

Redefining the Beauty Industry

We are a full service SPA in Toronto specializing in skin care management. We offer a wide variety of facial treatments that are each designed to produce radiant and healthy skin.

At Virmago, We strive to provide our customers with skincare programs and dynamic tools that will enable them to achieve the results they are seeking.

Our customized skin care products will boost your skin care and beauty routine to new heights.

Our LED light therapy products are revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-repairing device that combines four scientifically-proven treatments.

  • galvanic technology,
  • ultrasound stimulation,
  • LED light therapy, and
  • vibrating massage

Together these treatments work to rejuvenate skin by smoothing out facial wrinkles, tightening facial muscles, boosting blood circulation, and stimulating new skin cell production with one powerful, hand-held tool.

Our experienced team provides the highest quality skincare, personal attention and excellent results.

Experience exclusive treatment plans that are tailored specifically for you!

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