Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair with Virmago’s award winning Venus Versa™ laser hair removal technology. Our goal is to provide quality laser hair removal treatments at affordable prices. We offer price matching for all laser hair removal procedures. We will match any laser hair removal treatment quote you receive in Toronto. If you can’t afford the upfront costs of our laser hair removal packages we can provide no interest’s payments plans. Contact us today for a free consultation and sky analyzing scan.

At Vrimago all our laser hair removal procedures are performed with HR IPL applicator which provide permanent hair reduction and the removal of unwanted hair. Venus Versa™ has four applicators for laser hair removal, with standard and extra-large sizes: HR650 & HR690 at 10 mm x 30mm, and HR650 XL & HR690 XL at 20 mm x 30 mm. The applicators used during our laser hair removal treatments utilize intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to deliver direct bursts of energy onto treatment areas and ensure that our laser hair removal treatments are successful. The light destroys active hair right at the root by targeting melanin in the hair shaft.

These applicators are equipped with patented SmartPulse™ technology and advanced real-time cooling that enhances treatment efficacy, safety, and provides more comfort to our customers during the laser hair removal treatments. There is no downtime for cooling—saving you time and boosting productivity. They deliver energy evenly and comfortably to a wide range of treatment areas, including highly-demanded large body parts like the back, legs, and chest.

SmartPulse™ improves clinical operation by ensuring precise and consistent energy delivery to the chosen target with every pulse, providing pulse optimization to maintain ideal energy wavelength and intensity throughout the hair removal treatment.


Do you offer free consultations?

Yes we provide all our customers with a free consultation where we analyze your skin to determine the best laser hair removal treatment plan for you.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need?

The number of laser hair removal treatments varies from person to person. Typically most of our clients require a minimum of 5 treatments but again this depends on the anagen (growth phase) of your hair and the area of the body that requires treatment. We offer our clients with complementary skin analyzing during our free consultation session, during which one of our specialists will create a custom laser hair removal treatment plan for you.