I heard of this clinic through a friend and was surprised not to see hundreds of reviews as they sure do deserve it. They take care of you from head to toe. I asked them to make me a customized skincare routine that actually works and it did. I keep it up with skin-repairing and anti-aging device at home to have a longer-lasting effect. They also have this cool skin tightening machine that one can use all over the body. Its a relaxing treatment with the results as if you exercised in a gym - a dream come true. Customer service is evidently a priority here and i am 100% satisfied. I definitely recommend it here. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

Bendita Luz

Ive been suffering for a long time with pigmentations issues in my face..Ive gone to a lot of different spas looking for treatments and get this issue fixed.As a woman,beauty will always be a priority and at VIRMAGO SPA ive found the solution to my low self steem .Ive been taking treatments to fix my face skin pigmentation issues .Thanks to VIRMAGO and Thanks to Erick and Marina for putting hopes and a smile on my face again. Now i can walk with confidence since my face skin has been treated in a proper way . I strongly recommend to visit Virmago They have the best treatments and give proper attention.To my experience i can say its been phenomenal.

Par Odiando

If it were possible to give more than five stars I would. I have struggled with acne for about 14 years, and felt like I have tried every product out there (both prescription and non-prescription). Stumbling across this clinic and their wonderful staff has changed my face and my life. I cannot thank them enough. Both Chantelle (pre-lockdown) and Marina (post-lockdown) have a keen eye for detail, and genuinely care about the well being of your skin. Cannot thank them enough for what they have helped me to achieve !

Alannah Mattie

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Virmago Clinic.  I have had a sunspot on my face for the last 2 year, they recommended IPl spot  treatment to break it up.  I had my first treatment a week ago and can already see the change in the colouring of it.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the transformation.  In just a coupe of treatments we expect it to be gone.  I was so amazed by the progress I saw in the first week I had to share my photo journey with them.  Do take a look at my progress the first 3 days after treatment on their Instagram @virmagoclinic.  I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of their magnificent work, to not have to hide the spot on my face will be a joy!.  I can not begin to tell you how much I recommend their services.  If you are looking to fix a troubled spot or even a little preventative maintenance treat yourself at Virmago Clinic you will not be sorry.

Angie Misurka